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Rules for the pool format:

  1. Each team will be in a pool of four. There will be a round robin among those four teams. No game will end in a tie. Our standard bonspiel rules (see below) will be used to resolve each game to a win/loss.
  2. After round robin, each team will be ranked 1 to 4. The 1st place team goes to the A bracket, 2nd place team goes to the B bracket, 3rd place team goes to the C bracket, and 4th place team goes to the D bracket.
  3. Because there must be a definitive ranking, the following set of tiebreakers will be applied in the following order:
    1. Win-loss record
    2. It two teams are tied, then head-to-head record against each other. If three or more teams are tied, then cumulative record against the other teams that are tied against.
    3. Draw to the button (DTB) measurement.
  4. The DTB measurement is to be done after each team's first game. Sweeping is allowed. Teams will measure their own rocks and record the results on the posted sheet. The measurement of the nearest part of the rock to the pin (to the nearest eighth inch) is the DTB measurement. If the rock covers the pin, the DTB is zero. If the rock misses the house, the DTB is 73 inches. If a DTB is needed to break a tie result in the first game, a second DTB will be done for this purpose. (That is, the for-the-game DTB will not serve dual purposes.)
  5. In the event that it is anticipated that a single DTB measurement is insufficient to break a tie in the final round robin standings (e.g., both teams failed to get to the house with their first DTB), relevant teams will be asked to do a second DTB after their last round robin game. Additional DTBs will be performed to generate a non-tying measurement.

Rules for individual games:

  1. All games, except those of the final draw, will have a maximum of 8 ends, subject to the time constraints of Rule 3. If games of the final draw are tied after 8 ends, an extra end is to be played to determine a winner.
  2. The hammer in the first end will be determined by a coin toss.
  3. If both teams agree, games may begin before the designated draw time provided that all the sheets have been completely prepared for play. A bell will ring at 1 hr. and 38 min. after the designated start time of each draw. Once you hear the bell, please finish the end you are playing and play one more. An end concludes and the next end is deemed to have started from the moment the last moving rock comes to rest or goes out of play.
  4. Games that are tied after time expires will be determined by a tie-breaking draw to the button. Any member may throw their team's single rock in the tie-breaker. Sweeping is allowed. The rock closest to the pin by measure, if necessary, will be the winner. The team that normally would not have had the hammer if another end was to be played is to go first. If neither stone makes it into the house, the process is to be repeated until a winner is declared.
  5. All spares must play on the front end of the team when four people make up a team or as leads when three people make up a team.
  6. All other USCA rules will apply, except that all commercially available brooms shall be permitted in play and modern sweeping techniques shall be legal.
  7. Please measure your own rocks if necessary. Contact an official if you are unable to agree on a measure.
  8. Please note that the outer 12’ ring on each sheet may vary. You may measure a free guard stone with the 6’ measure stick. No other stones can be measured until the completion of an end.
  9. The on-ice officials will be Brent Halpenny or Richard Lazarowich. One person from this list or their designee will be available for on-ice rulings as necessary.
  10. Please post your score on the scoreboard after each end of play. For the benefit of live online scoring, please post the result after each end as soon as possible and also post the final end score. After the game, please indicate the result on the ice level master draw sheet upon completion of your game. For pool play results, circle the name of the winning team, and for playoff results, write the name of the winning team to advance in the bracket.
  11. There are to be no food items or beverages, other than water, out on the ice surface at any time.
  12. All alcoholic drinks must be consumed in the lounge area only. Drinks are not allowed in the general arena lobby areas or around the ice arena.