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The Golden Gate Bonspiel shall be played according to the rules laid out in the “Club Use Rules”, as published by USA Curling, with the following modifications/clarifications:

1. All spares must play on the front end of the team when four people make up a team or as leads when three people make up a team.

2. All commercially available brooms shall be permitted in play and modern sweeping techniques shall be legal.

3. Teams shall toss a coin, or equivalent, to determine hammer/rock color prior to the first end.

4. Four-stone free guard zone will be in effect.

5. Draws will start with a bell ring. Penalties for late starts will be as defined in “Club Use Rules”. Don’t be late for your draw! Should a team have extenuating circumstances, appeals can be made to the Bonspiel Committee. Decisions by the Committee will be final.

6. Draws are two (2) hours long. At 1 h 38 min from the start of the draw, a bell will be rung. Teams will finish the in-progress end and then play ONE ADDITIONAL END. Please make every effort to play as quickly as possible. An end concludes and the next end is deemed to have started from the moment the last moving rock comes to rest or goes out of play.

7. If teams are tied at the conclusion of the last end, the game winner will be determined by a draw shot challenge (DSC). One stone will be thrown by each team, starting with the team that last scored (i.e., throw in the order that an end would be played). Any player may throw and sweepers/broom holders are allowed. The opposing team will not sweep a DSC throw. Measurements (to the nearest 1/8 in.) will be from the pin to the nearest point on the stone. The lowest measurement wins. Any stone not touching the house (either thrown through or not reaching the house) measures 73 in. A stone covering the pin measures 0 in. In the case of a tie measurement, each team will re-throw with either the same or new thrower.

Exception for Draw 17 (event finals): If games of the final draw are tied after 8 ends, an extra end is to be played to determine a winner.

8. At the conclusion of each team's first game, the team will throw a DSC for use as a tie-breaker in determining pool ranking and event placement. The procedure described above (5) will be followed. Note: In the event of a tie in a team's first game, throw a DSC to determine the winner of the game followed by a second DSC for pool ranking.

9. Pools will be ranked by (a) record (b) head-to-head result/record among tied teams (c) DSC (d) coin flip. First, second, third, and fourth finishers in each pool will be placed in the A-, B-, C-, and D-Events, respectively.

10. Improper conduct, including, but not limited to, foul or offensive language, equipment abuse, abuse of the staff or facilities, inappropriate behavior, or willful damage on the part of any team member or attendee is prohibited and will not be tolerated. Any violation may result in suspension/expulsion of the offending person(s) at the sole discretion of the Bonspiel Committee.