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Raffle and Silent Auction Guide

The following items will be available for either the silent auction and the basket raffle. Hand-crafted items created by our club members and friends are highlighted in the first table below where you will find photos, detailed descriptions, and the artist's name.

The basket raffle will end on Saturday, May 27 at 9:00pm and the silent auction will end the same night at 9:30pm. Single raffle tickets can be purchased for $1 each, 6 tickets for $5, and 13 tickets for $10. A ticket wingspan of your favorite curler can be bought for $20.

Artisan Contributions

Item NumberPhotoDescriptionArtistDesignation

Is he not the most adorable raccoon you have ever seen?!? Unfortunately, the raccoon is not included. However, in the raffle, you will find 2 hand-knit caps, 2 pint glass cozies & a cowl all in the curling house motif! With these items you can not only show off your true allegiance to the sport, but you can spread the love by sharing with a friend! Finally—a way to look cool while staying toasty warm. Find Nancy on the ice with the gang from “I Woke Up This Way” or in the warm room – she is our volunteer extraordinaire!

Nancy DeisRaffle

Welcome guests to your home in high curling style with this unique handmade wreath celebrating the game you love. This wreath measures 22” in diameter and is made of burlap with red-white-blue and stenciled curling rock accent ribbons woven throughout. Hang it on your door to announce the beginning of curling season, or simply place it in a treasured space in the house to remind you of the good times on the ice. Got questions for the artist? Find our fellow committee member, Amanda, helping out in the warm room, relaxing with friends, or sweeping the ice with her team, “A Cautionary Tale”!

Please note: although the wreath has been treated with an initial coat of UV protectant, for longevity it is not recommended to be displayed where it will be exposed to sun or weather elements.

Amanda BachussR/A

Feast your eyes on the colors of these beautiful hand-woven towels. These hand-crafted masterpieces are made of 100% cotton yarn, are long-lasting and super absorbent. These towels don’t just look good, they feel good! Use them on a regular basis or reserve them for guests – just be sure to check their suitcases before they leave! The beautiful design and delightfully soft feel are enough to cause typically law-abiding citizens to consider theft! Look for the weaver, Diane, helping with the ice crew or skipping for “A Cautionary Tale” – she’s the one with the dragon tail.

Diane PalmeRaffle
4. - 7.

Behold! This year we have four solid Red Oak Hardwood clocks with 3 ½ inch quartz movements. Each is stained a different color and has a distinct clock face—two with Arabic numbers and two with Roman numerals. They run on one AA battery, which is included. Each clock includes a plaque commemorating this year’s bonspiel and is signed on the bottom by the craftsman – Don Sherer. These one-of-a-kind pieces not only make a wonderful souvenir but would add a touch of class to any home office or living room. If you would like to meet the artist, he will be playing in the bonspiel on the team, “Last but not Least”.

Don ShererRaffle and Silent Auction
8. - 9.

Liven up your living room with these hand-stitched curling rock throw pillows. Have friends over for a watch party – but good luck keeping their eyes off your rockin’ pillows! In follow-up to last year’s highly-sought-after rock motif quilt, Sarah Vital is back with 2 sets of throw pillows. Each set features opposing colored rocks and lets your guests know: this is where I reside, but I live on the ice! Leaning back against these beauties on the couch lets you feel the support you get from your teammates on the ice. Better still, nodding off with your head on one of these is guaranteed to bring you sweet dreams of curling success the next time you step on the sheet!

Don’t take it for “granite” (hee hee) that you will win a set in the raffle – hedge your bets and make an offer in the silent auction!

Sarah VitalRaffle and Silent Auction

Various World Traveler Themed Sewn and Embroidered Items.

Jennie VandevalkRaffle

Pik-A-Chu – I see you! Gamers beware – if an opponent gets his/her hands on this basket instead of you, you could be in trouble! With an array of items to display your love of Pokemon, Superheroes and curling, it is a win-win-win. Invite friends over to play and distract them with your groovy Pokemon-themed coasters. For the truly committed, convert them to patches by sewing them onto a bag. The curling rock luggage tag and handle gatherer as well as the game console & chemistry beaker key chains make great conversation starters—use them to lure fellow travelers into a game of GoNoodle or Pokemon, or simply into an interesting conversation. When your Spidey-sense starts tingly, pull out your Spiderman-motif covered notebook to look up past strategy or to write down your new friends’ contact info. Looking for the mastermind behind these pieces? Look no further than the warm room – Jennie will be there throughout the weekend, chatting with friends and cheering her husband, Gerry, on to victory.

Jennie VandevalkRaffle

Various Study in Blue Themed Sewn and Embroidered Items.

Jennie VandevalkRaffle

Raffle and Silent Auction Donated Items

Item NumberDescriptionDonated byDesignation

Signed San Jose Sharks Jersey, medium size

management of the Solar4America Ice FacilitiesSilent Auction

2017 Ford World Men's Curling Championship Jacket and Polo Shirt, extra large size

Curling CanadaSilent Auction

Starbucks Ground Coffee, Re-useable Cups, and French Press

Stephanie LazarowichRaffle

Show Your True Colors – 2 Adult Coloring Books, Colored Pencils, Blue Curacao, Rose-colored Drinking Glasses & Assorted Tie-dye Items

Katie FeldmanRaffle

Canada 150 Themed Articles

Erin Rhode, TC Altus, Erin McInrue, and Kate GarfinkelRaffle

Oakland A's private suite for 18 guests (valued at $1440-$1800).

Loreen Makishima-WolfSilent Auction

4 San Jose State University Football Tickets, 4 SJSU T-shirts, and 2 SJSU Jackets

Scott ShawSilent Auction

San Jose State University Ballcap, 4 SJSU T-shirts, and SJSU Majestic Jacket

Scott ShawRaffle

Various USCA Logo Items, including T-shirts, Portfolio, and Coffee Mug.

Kate Garfinkel and Margery KanemotoRaffle

Sonny Gray Windshield Shade, Sonny Gray Blanket, Sonny Gray XL T-shirt, CSN Authentic A's SnapBack Cap, CSN Authentic A's XL T-shirt, Jose Canseco 2016 Bobblehead, 2016 SGA Dennis Eckersley Medium Jersey, 4 A's Plastic Cups

Loreen Makishima-WolfRaffle

Kentucky Moonshine and Jack Daniels in a Commemorative Bottle

Amanda BachussRaffle

Bath Products and More ...

Jonathan OchocoRaffle

Beauty Products

Diane PalmeRaffle

Peet's Coffee Extraganza

Kristina Lugo and Jim OllerRaffle

Kentucky Wine

Amanda BachussRaffle