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2014 Draw Schedule Table

Game Sheet Teams Goes To
Draw 1: Friday 8:45 am
A1 3 Team Wiesen Dias A17 B1
A2 5 Planes, Trains & Open Draws CWA A17 B1
A3 1 Üllevål Pebble Without a Cause A18 B2
A4 2 Team McBride Bone A18 B2
A5 4 Canadian Club on the Rocks Kuhl and the Gang A19 B3
Draw 2: Friday 11:00 am
A6 4 Endicott Jumbo's Clowns A19 B3
A7 3 Tudor Seeger A20 B4
A8 2 Gold Country Curlers Tenacious C A20 B4
A9 1 Hazardous Materials Marschall Arts A21 B5
A10 5 Don Pilar Rock Steady A21 B5
Draw 3: Friday 1:15 pm
A11 5 Team Name Goes Here Team Butter A22 B6
A12 3 The Orionids A's, Jays, Giants, and Royals A22 B6
A13 4 Barajas Team DL A23 B7
A14 1 Team Bond Zissou Rock Me Amadeus A23 B7
A15 2 The OC Cross Country Rockers A24 B8
Draw 4: Friday 4:45 pm
A16 2 Fraggle Rocks Greenberg A24 B8
B1 1 Dias Planes, Trains & Open Draws B9 C1
B2 4 Pebble Without A Cause Bone B9 C1
B3 3 Kuhl and the Gang Endicott B10 C3
B4 5 Tenacious C Tudor B10 C3
Draw 5: Friday 7:15 pm
A17 4 Team Wiesen CWA A25 C8
A18 5 Üllevål Team McBride A25 C8
A19 3 Canadian Club on the Rocks Jumbo's Clowns A26 C6
A20 1 Seeger Gold Country Curlers A26 C6
A21 2 Hazardous Materials Don Pilar A27 C4
Draw 6: Friday 9:30 pm
A22 1 Team Name Goes Here The Orionids A27 C4
A23 5 Barajas Team Bond Zissou A28 C2
A24 4 Cross Country Rockers Greenberg A28 C2
B5 3 Marschall Arts Rock Steady B11 C5
B6 2 A's, Jays, Giants, and Royals Team Butter B11 C5
Draw 7: Saturday 7:30 am
B7 5 Rock Me Amadeus Team DL B12 C7
B8 4 The OC Fraggle Rocks B12 C7
B9 2 Planes, Trains & Open Draws Bone B13 D6
C1 3 Dias Pebble Without A Cause C9 D1
C3 1 Endicott Tenacious C C10 D3
Draw 8: Saturday 9:45 am
A27 3 Don Pilar Team Name Goes Here A30 D8
B10 2 Kuhl and the Gang Tudor B13 D8
C4 4 Hazardous Materials The Orionids C10 D3
C6 5 Jumbo's Clowns Gold Country Curlers C11 D5
C8 1 Team Wiesen Üllevål C12 D7
Draw 9: Saturday 12:00 pm
B11 4 Marschall Arts A's, Jays, Giants, and Royals B14 D2
B12 3 Rock Me Amadeus The OC B14 D4
C2 2 Barajas Greenberg C9 D1
C5 5 Rock Steady Team Butter C11 D5
C7 1 Team DL Fraggle Rocks C12 D7
Draw 10: Saturday 2:45 pm
A25 3 CWA Team McBride A29 D4
A26 4 Canadian Club on the Rocks Seeger A29 D2
A28 2 Team Bond Zissou Cross Country Rockers A30 D6
D3 5 Tenacious C The Orionids D10
D8 1 Team Name Goes Here Tudor D12
Draw 11: Saturday 6:00 pm
B13 3 Planes, Trains & Open Draws Kuhl and the Gang B15 B16
B14 2 Marschall Arts The OC B15 B16
D1 4 Pebble Without A Cause Greenberg D9
D5 1 Jumbo's Clowns Team Butter D11
D7 5 Üllevål Team DL D12
Draw 12: Saturday 8:45 pm
A29 2 CWA Canadian Club on the Rocks A31 A32
A30 4 Don Pilar Cross Country Rockers A31 A32
D2 3 A's, Jays, Giants, and Royals Seeger D9
D4 1 Rock Me Amadeus Team McBride D10
D6 5 Bone Team Bond Zissou D11
Draw 13: Saturday 11:00 pm
C9 5 Dias Barajas C13
C10 2 Endicott Hazardous Materials C13
C11 4 Rock Steady Gold Country Curlers C14
C12 3 Fraggle Rocks Team Wiesen C14
Draw 14: Sunday 8:30 am
D9 5 Greenberg Seeger D13
D10 4 The Orionids Team McBride D13
D11 2 Team Butter Team Bond Zissou D14
D12 3 Üllevål Team Name Goes Here D14
TC 1
Draw 15: Sunday 11:30 am
C13 3 Barajas Endicott C15
C14 5 Rock Steady Team Wiesen C15
D13 2 Greenberg The Orionids D15
D14 4 Team Bond Zissou Team Name Goes Here D15
B16 1 Planes, Trains & Open Draws Marschall Arts
Draw 16: Sunday 2:30 pm — FINALS
A31 3 Canadian Club on the Rocks Don Pilar
B15 4 Kuhl and the Gang The OC
C15 2 Endicott Team Wiesen
D15 5 Greenberg Team Name Goes Here
A32 1 CWA Cross Country Rockers