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2008 Golden Gate Bonspiel Draw Schedule

A tabular view of the draw schedule is presented below. For a tree-view of the draw schedule, click here.

Game Sheet Teams Goes To
Draw 1: Friday 2:00 pm
A1 3 Minnesota Ice SanWineTosa Dancers A5 B6
A2 2 The Wine-O's Team Liquid Sunshine A5 B6
A3 1 Team of Many MoPac Express A6 B5
A4 4 Midnight Mystery Kids California Cruisers A6 B5
Draw 2: Friday 4:30 pm
A5 1 Kayshore Woodland San Francisco Bay City Rollers A7 B4
A6 2 Silicon Sliders Team Hollywood A7 B4
A7 3 Team noob How 'bout them Cowboys A8 B3
A8 4 Granite Rockers Senators of the North A8 B3
Draw 3: Friday 7:00 pm
A9 2 Milwaukee's Finest Bisons on the Bay A9 B2
A10 3 Windy City Wonders Crushers A9 B2
A11 1 Below 40 Degrees Club California Curling Founders A10 B1
A12 4 BC the Magnificent! Mary's Magnificent Five A10 B1
Draw 4: Friday 9:30 pm
A5 1 SanWineTosa Dancers Team Liquid Sunshine A11 C4
A6 3 Team of Many Midnight Mystery Kids A11 C4
A7 4 Kayshore Woodland Team Hollywood A12 C5
A8 2 How 'bout them Cowboys Granite Rockers A12 C5
Draw 5: Saturday 12:00 am
B1 2 Below 40 Degrees Club Mary's Magnificent Five B7 C1
B2 4 Milwaukee's Finest Crushers B7 C1
B3 1 Team noob Senators of the North B8 C6
B4 3 San Francisco Bay City Rollers Silicon Sliders B8 C6
Draw 6: Saturday 7:00 am
A9 1 Bisons on the Bay Windy City Wonders A13 C3
A10 2 California Curling Founders BC the Magnificent! A13 C3
B5 3 MoPac Express California Cruisers B9 C2
B6 4 Minnesota Ice Wine-O's B9 C2
Draw 7: Saturday 9:30 am
B7 3 Below 40 Degrees Club Crushers B10 D4
B8 4 Senators of the North Silicon Sliders B10 D4
C5 1 Granite Rockers Kayshore Woodland C10 D3
C6 2 Team noob San Francisco Bay City Rollers C10 D3
Saturday 11:30 am - 1:30 pm: Learn-To-Curl
Saturday 11:30 am - 2:30 pm: Wine Tasting and Lunch at Tenuta Vineyards
Draw 8: Saturday 3:00 pm
C1 3 Mary's Magnificent Five Milwaukee's Finest C7 D1
C2 1 MoPac Express Wine-O's C7 D1
C3 4 California Curling Founders Bisons on the Bay C8 D2
C4 2 SanWineTosa Dancers Team of Many C8 D2
Draw 9: Saturday 5:30 pm
A11 4 Team Liquid Sunshine Midnight Mystery Kids A14 D6
A12 1 Team Hollywood How 'bout them Cowboys A14 D6
A13 3 Windy City Wonders BC the Magnificent! A15 D5
B9 2 California Cruisers Minnesota Ice B11 D5
Draw 10: Saturday 8:00 pm
D1 2 Milwaukee's Finest MoPac Express D7
D2 3 Team of Many California Curling Founders D7
D3 4 Kayshore Woodland Team noob D8
D4 1 Senators of the North Crushers D8
Draw 11: Saturday 10:30 pm
A14 3 Team Liquid Sunshine How 'bout them Cowboys A15
B10 2 Below 40 Degrees Club Silicon Sliders D7
C7 4 Mary's Magnificent Five Wine-O's D8
C8 1 Bisons on the Bay SanWineTosa Dancers C9
Saturday 10:45 pm - Sunday 2:45 am: San Francisco Midnight Mystery Tour
Draw 12: Sunday 7:00 am
D7 1 Milwaukee's Finest California Curling Founders D9
D8 3 Team noob Senators of the North D9
D5 4 California Cruisers BC the Magnificent! D10
D6 2 Midnight Mystery Kids Team Hollywood D10
Draw 13: Sunday 9:30 am
C9 3 Wine-O's SanWineTosa Dancers C11
C10 4 Granite Rockers San Francisco Bay City Rollers C11
D9 2 California Curling Founders Team noob D11
D6 1 California Cruisers Midnight Mystery Kids D11
Draw 14: Sunday 12:00 pm — FINALS
A15 2 Team Liquid Sunshine Windy City Wonders
B11 3 Silicon Sliders Minnesota Ice
C11 1 SanWineTosa Dancers Granite Rockers
D11 4 California Curling Founders Midnight Mystery Kids